Our Vision

The northern provinces of Vietnam are famous for their craft villages. In the villages generations have specialized in handicrafts and every village boasts its own distinct craft. By tradition they are family bisinesses where handicraft production goes hand in hand with farming.

The craft village skills are so refined it’s nothing less than amazing fo pay a visit to a simple village workshop producing embroidery or baskets or silver lacquer – to mention but a few of the many to be found in the province. Everything is produced by hand and the craft often involves many intricate steps before the finished product is ready for the market.

Some villages export their products but many don’t, or, to be more precise, don’t know how. The craft villages have yet to learn how to produce in quantity for an export market and they lack a basic understanding of how to market their products for export.

Quang Vinh’s vision is to support selected villages by helping them export and market their products. Quang Vinh Ceramic will help the craft villages establish cooperatives enabling them to meet both quantity and quality standards and, of course, help generate better income opportunities for the village families.

Our showrooms in Quang Ninh and Bat Trang display a wide range of handicrafts from the villages we have chosen to work with.